Tuesday, March 2, 2010

False Advertising.

Unlikely all the health freaks that I seem to know who poo-poo on fast food, I eat fast food. Not every day or in large quantities, but when money is tight, a $1.00 burger or salad can go a long damn way.

KFC has this new chicken wrap thing that they claim provides chicken from top to bottom. Now... the ADs show this massive looking wrap. In reality, the wrap was like a square, a small square with a small chicken breast that was dry and chewy. There was almost no sauce and all the cheese was squashed into the bottom of the wrap.

It was REALLY disappointing. I've never had bad chicken from KFC, this was just bad all around. The wrap in all honesty was about half the size of what it looked like in the ad.

Now I know, most people are thinking, well, it's fast food, what do you expect? I expect to get what is advertised. Nothing more and nothing less.

I will not be eating at KFC again, or at least for a while. Or at least not at that particular branch, since it is entirely possible it wasn't up to par with what was originally supposed to be.