Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 8 - Easy Meatballs, and 101 uses for them.

So... we haven't been grocery shopping for meat in a while and I wanted to see what I could throw together with what we had lol

I had two half bags of Italian meatballs in the freezer, I have no idea why I have two half bags as opposed to one full bag. But well..it's my fridge, so big surprise.

I threw them in the crockpot with a mixture of the following: One can of Jellied Cranberry Sauce, a 1/4 cup of: ketchup, mustard, a cup of BBQ sauce, a dash of garlic salt, onion salt and pumpkin pie spice, 1 tsp of worcsteshire sauce and soy sauce.

Yea.. it sounds gross. But it worked. It tasted like amazing bbq meatballs.

We've had them...as meatball sandwiches, meatball burritos and my husband had them over fried rice today. (he's weird)

The fried rice was yummy. I used a bag of Birds Eye Veggie Long grain White Rice, cooked it per instructions, then tossed it in a frying pan with diced ham, a little sesame oil, a little soy sauce, a dash of salt, garlic salt, onion salt and ginger(a VERY small dash of ginger). Stirred that up a bit and then added two eggs and cooked until the eggs were done.

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