Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grocery Shopping

We've been shopping at Ingles a lot lately, they tend to have a better price and yet, better quality than Krogers or Wal-mart or even Publix, which is one of my favorite grocery stores.

Like today, I managed to get a fresh split turkey breast,over 4lbs for $4.00. I got two 3 lb roasts, beautifully marbled roasts, for about $4 - 5.00 a piece, normally they are like $12.00. We also got ground sirloin for $2.00. Some sliced Ham for 50% off what it normally costs us. We definitely stocked up. I like that they have a real butcher too. The meat isn't pre-packaged like at Wal-mart. They actually will change a cut for you if needed.

We haven't really been grocery shopping for a couple weeks, so we decided to stock up again. Since we've been having fun with the $5.00 challenge which is finally coming to an end.

Coming up the next few weeks on the blog: Asian Baby Back Ribs, Herbed Turkey Breast, Peach Cobbler

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